We're your one-stop-shop for Business Consulting as an outpost of your interests in the Portuguese and international markets.

About us

DOBA – David Oliveira Business Advisors, is lead by David Oliveira, a Portugal based professional Networker and the mentor and founder of this project .  DOBA is an agency created to serve entrepreneurs, R&D Labs, companies, business owners, investors and venture capital agencies or industry chambers of commerce to match interests and connect them in an assertive way, according to their needs and expectations, with the right partners and players in the market to leverage business opportunities and facilitate the due diligence process.


Why choose a Professional Networker as a Foster Representative or a Business Ambassador?

While prospecting the market to evaluate new, or identified opportunities, it’s important to have a better knowledge of the field. Being geographically far, brings the need to create proximity, not only for distance itself, but also due to the differences in social or corporate cultures. Also, in early stages, anonymity might be mandatory, so, we can scout the market on our client’s behalf, bringing reports about the company, project or estate, without revealing who’s interested, so you can evaluate with 3rd party data, without never revealing your interest in the subject, allowing you to have better “fire power” on the negotiation process.

Services for investors
Private Investors | VC Trusts | MFO
Trusts and Investment Agencies
Chambers Of Commerce and Other Associations
Companies Looking for New Taylor-Made Products, Projects and Solutions

Services for companies
Startups and Startups Incubators
Creative and R&D Labs
Companies looking for investments

Business Representation

Business Ambassadorship Service: Pitch Deck; Business Modelling; Financial Forecasting and Analyses, investment and project management, Board Representation.

Business Facilitation

Connecting the dots, identifying and matching potential partnerships, guarantying an impartial consensus decision-making without having a role on the negotiation process.

Business Brokerage

Scouting Investors for Startups or mature companies, representing the client, promoting the sale/investment over equity or patents, matching new technologic assets with the market.


Building bridges between market agents. Bringing opportunities to investors and investors to opportunities.


Financial Analyses, Due Diligences over acquisitions, Project Management, Operations (non IT or Finance).


With a strong calling for contributing to global social responsability, we are at the moment rolling out a philantropic project entiteled “Unity in Diversity” with the mission to create a positive impact in the life of refugees, helping them overcome the challenges of starting life in a foreign country  by cooperating not only with local authorities but also interconnecting with corporations and other NGOs.

DOBA’s Mission & Values

To connect the dots, build bridges of understanding and bring opportunities and players together.

Our mission was born from the needs and difficulties that we were constantly stumbling upon such as how to spot the right opportunity, the right person or the right project. Then we easily mirrored that in to our client’s needs today. Connections and communication are the main factors to build ways of cooperation. Having this understanding and vision, brought us here, where we stand for you, to bridge your business to new markets, to endless opportunities of cooperation and success.

Passion for serving.  All across Integrity. Unbound Honesty.  Client Value creation. Customer commitment.

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